Despite our numerous messages, "offline consent" is still being used as a preferred option by a large proportion of clubs.


Players WILL be rejected.

Save yourself time and heartache by doing it correctly.

Assign your player to the team, then (if he has a correct email address) click "Request Consent". Once this is done, inform your player he needs to log into Whole Game System and go to club requests in the bottom left corner, then click that they agree to play for your club. (If they haven't logged into WGS before they need their email or FAN number, (which you can give them) and click "Forgot Password"). Once consent is given, you should then submit the player to the league.

Kelly has requested that you do a few players first, so she can ensure you are doing things correctly.

Any problems contact her before causing the extra work.

Players without an email address will need a New (this season) registration card completed and signed, then and ONLY THEN offline consent. 

GDPR carries fines of £10,000. Can you afford this? We can't!