It was reported at the AGM last month, and has been highlighted on Twitter that the "Confirm Offline Consent" button on Whole Game System is not to be used for player registration EXCEPT in the exceptional circumstances where your player does not have their own email address, when a paper player registration form MUST be completed and sent in. Since then, teams are continuing to submit players to the league with "Offline Consent". GDPR rules mean YOU could be liable to fines up to £10,000 if consent has really not been given, and proven to be given. We are trying to protect ourselves, as well as you. 

All players sent in as part of a large batch which have "Offline Consent" will be rejected by the league, causing extra work for us, and massive amounts of extra work for your club as you may have to detach the player from the club and start over again (although we are waiting for the FA to confirm this). 

Save yourself work and keep safe from breaching the GDPR rules by complying with this request please.