Welling Town A split from Welling Town

Welling Town A have left Welling Town the club under mutual consent, andwill finish the season as Eltham Phoenix A. 

While this is a simple renaming, behind the scenes things are a little more complicated as we need to get all the players transferred from Welling Town (a KCFA Club) to Eltham Phoenix (a London FA club) without suffering the usual 7 day rule. 

We are working on that and in the meantime, Eltham Phoenix A will have Welling Town registration cards, and will not have a squad list on Full Time. 

Additionally until we can transfer the record of Welling Town A to Eltham Phoenix A, both sides will be shown on the league table. Cup draws have been amended, and this Sunday's Dewar Shield 2nd round match at Long Lane B is now shown as Eltham Phoenix A.

All will be resolved as quickly as possible.