Roll of Honour 2015-2016

Premier Division
Winners = Eltham Phoenix B
Runners Up = Junior Reds Seniors

Senior Division
Winners = Footscray Lions
Runners Up = Club Santacruzense De Londres

Division One
Winners = Beacons
Runners Up = Cutty Sark Thamesmead

Division Two
Winners = Abbey Wood
Runners Up = Mottingham Park Rangers

Plumstead Challenge Cup
Winners = Junior Reds Seniors
Finalists = Footscray Lions

Dewar Shield
Winners = Sabanoh 97
Finalists = Springhill United

Presidents Cup
Winners = Eltham Phoenix B
Finalists = Junior Reds Seniors

Win Jones Memorial Bowl
Winners = Club Santacruzense De Londres
Finalists = Maroon XI

Alliance Cup
Winners = Beacons
Finalists = FC Plasma

Len Wareham Cup
Winners = Abbey Wood
Finalists = Kent Wanderers

Supreme Engraving Fair Play Invitational Cup
Winners = Woodside Celtic Reserves
Finalists = Mottingham Forest

Referee of the Year = Mr Garry Maskell
Young Referee of the Year = Mr Rob Columb