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Referees 16 years old or over require a valid Criminal Records Check to referee on this league. If you are under this age please enter your age.
A member club is one that will be playing football in the LCSYFL in 2018/19. This is to stop conflict of interest in any of your appointments.
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The league will be using three main systems for appointments: FA Full Time - will be the main tool for appointments, and all of the details from this form will be stored there. Only the Referee Secretary and League Secretary have access to these details. When appointments are made, clubs secretaries will receive the appointment by email, which will include the match official's name, email address and mobile number. Google Sheets - All details from this form will be stored on a Google Sheets spreadsheet which only the Referee Secretary will have access to. Nothing will be made public from this sheet. Pitchside Refs - will be the Referees Calendar; referees name, email and home location will be stored on this system. Nothing is made public.
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