The Bert Holloway Invitational Cup was brought in during the 2016-2017 season as a good winter meant teams were running short of games. Two 4 team divisions made up of Premier & Senior Division sides, although the withdrawal of one team meant one division had 3, with teams playing each other home and away, with the winners of the North Group playing the runners up in the East Group, while the winners of the East Group play the runners up in the North Group in the Semi Finals. In the 2017-18 season 4 groups were competing, but on this occasion only playing each other once. The winners of each group playing off in a Semi Final for the chance to be in the final.

Extra Time and penalties apply in the knock out stages.

Current holders - Junior reds athletic

Bert Holloway invitational cup

FC Royals celebrate winning the Bert Holloway Cup at VCD FC

FC Royals celebrate winning the Bert Holloway Cup at VCD FC

2018-19 Draw

Preliminary Round

Seven Acre Sports 2-6 FC Forza Greenwich

Heath 3-8 Baldon Sports Reserves

Round One

Phoenix Knights 1-3 AFC Kingfisher

Peckham Rye 5-3 Baldon Sports

FC Forza Greenwich 7-0 AFC Sporting Greenwich

Springhill United Res 2-5 Woolwich Royals

Vanbrugh 4-1 Advent Royals

Beacons 5-3 Danson Albion

Eltham Lions 2-0 Lessa FXI

Meridian Sports 1-4 Welling Town

SEL 5-2 Baldon Sports Res

South East Lads 4-3 Junior Reds Athletic

Bexley Athletic 1-5 Orpington Eagles Res

Greenwich Park Rgrs 2-8 FC Royals

Bexley Wanderers 1-4 Woolwich Spartans

Russellers H/W Kent Wanderers

Mottingham Park Rgrs 0-4 Bostall Rangers

Abbeymead 3-8 FC Plasma

Round 2

AFC Kingfisher 2-2 (AET 2-0 Pens) Peckham Rye

FC Forza Greenwich 3-0 Woolwich Royals

Vanbrugh 2-4 Beacons

Eltham Lions 3-3 (AET 4-2 Pens) Welling Town

SEL A/W South East Lads

Orpington Eagles Res 2-5 FC Royals

Woolwich Spartans 2-4 Russellers

Bostall Rangers 5-2 FC Plasma

Quarter Final

AFC Kingfisher 1-3 FC Forza Greenwich

Beacons A/W* Eltham Lions

South East Lads 0-6 FC Royals

Russellers 1-2 Bostall Rangers

Semi Final

FC Forza Greenwich H/W Eltham Lions

FC Royals 3-0 Bostall Rangers


FC Forza Greenwich 0-2 FC Royals