2017-2018 Draw

Club Santacruzense de Londres lift the 2017 Dewar Shield, presented by the Mayor of Madeira

Club Santacruzense de Londres lift the 2017 Dewar Shield, presented by the Mayor of Madeira

Holders - Club Santacruzense De Londres

1st Round

Match 01   Maroon XI 5-4 (AET) Junior Reds Spartans
Match 02   Sabanoh 97 2-3 Woodside Celtic
Match 03   TOL Russellers 3-6 Kent Wanderers
Match 04   Long Lane B 7-1 Eltham Lions*
Match 05   Bayswater RK 5-1 Bexley Athletic
Match 06   JAM H/W Old Roan Red Lions
Match 07   Woolwich Spartans 2-6 Eltham Phoenix B
Match 08   Danson Albion v Baldon Sports Reserves
Match 09   Advent Royals 1-3 Bostall Old Boys
Match 10   AFC Kingfisher 2-2 (AET) (3-1 Pens) Baldon Sports Charlton
Match 11    St Michaels H/W Peckham Town
Match 12   Meridian Sports 2-1 Woolwich Royals
Match 13   Local Legends A/W Cutty Sark Thamesmead
Match 14   Lessa FXI 2-0 Heath FC
Match 15   Orpington Eagles 1-3 (AET) Club Santacruzense de Londres
Match 16   Springhill United 3-3 (AET) (4-5 Pens) New London
Match 17   Woolwich 90 4-0 Phoenix Knights
Match 18   BYE A/W Eltham SF
Match 19   New Life United 0-3 Long Lane A*
Match 20   Teviot Rangers 7-2 Junior Reds Athletic
Match 21    FC Plasma 3-4 Abbey Wood
Match 22   Mottingham Park Rangers vs BYE
Match 23   Mottingham Forest vs BYE
Match 24   Abbeymead vs BYE
Match 25   Eltham Phoenix A vs BYE
Match 26   Hornfair Athletic vs BYE
Match 27   Thamesmead FC vs BYE
Match 28   Springhill United Reserves vs BYE
Match 29   FC Forza Greenwich vs BYE**
Match 30   Vanbrugh vs BYE
Match 31    Footscray Lions vs BYE
Match 32   Welling Town vs BYE

*Long Lane A & B were drawn as Long Lane A being the Premier Division side & Long Lane B the Division One side, whereas they were affiliated by London FA the other way round. The draw above was changed on 21 August to reflect this. 

** FC Forza Greenwich were elected on 2 October as a direct replacement for Plumstead AFC. 

2nd Round

Match 33   FC Forza Greenwich v Mottingham Forest
Match 34   Long Lane B 5-1 Eltham Phoenix A (Name changed from Welling Town 5th Oct)
Match 35   Lessa FXI v New London
Match 36   Teviot Rangers 3-7 Club Santacruzense de Londres
Match 37   Woodside Celtic 3-1 Long Lane A
Match 38   Hornfair Athletic 4-5 Abbey Wood
Match 39   Kent Wanderers v Eltham SF
Match 40   Eltham Phoenix B 9-2 Thamesmead FC
Match 41   AFC Kingfisher 1-5 Footscray Lions
Match 42   Vanbrugh v Mottingham Park Rangers
Match 43   Maroon XI 3-2 (AET) Abbeymead
Match 44   Bayswater RK 4-5 Bostall Old Boys
Match 45   St Michaels v Welling Town
Match 46   Cutty Sark Thamesmead 4-0 Springhill United Reserves
Match 47   Winners of Match 8 v Woolwich 90
Match 48   Meridian Sports 1-3 JAM

3rd Round

Match 49   Winners of Match 47 v Blackfen United ***
Match 50   Winners of Match 42 v Winners of Match 45
Match 51    Bostall Old Boysv Footscray Lions
Match 52   Long Lane B v Maroon XI
Match 53   JAM v Winners of Match 35
Match 54   Eltham Phoenix B v Winners of Match 33
Match 55   Club Santacruzense de Londres v Abbey Wood
Match 56   Woodside Celtic v Winners of Match 39

*** Blackfen United replaced Cutty Sark (Thamesmead) in the league on 30th October. 

Quarter Finals

Match 57   Winners of Match 56 v Winners of Match 51
Match 58   Winners of Match 54 v Winners of Match 50
Match 59   Winners of Match 49 v Winners of Match 55
Match 60   Winners of Match 52 v Winners of Match 53

Semi Finals

Match 61    Winners of Match 57 v Winners of Match 58
Match 62   Winners of Match 59 v Winners of Match 60


Match 63   Winners of Match 62 v Winners of Match 61